P&G CEO Challenge Europe Final

Dear participants!

Here we've gathered possible questions from you. But if something will be still unclear, do not hesitate to contact us any time.
  • When the final will take place?
On 13-14th of May

  • How much time will we spend on the event?
You will be fully occupied both days, so we ask you to free these days for the final.

  • What time will the event start on the first day?
It will start at 9:45 (UTC +2)

  • What time zone is the time of the final indicated in?
Frankfurt am Main (UTC +2)

  • Do I need to provide any additional information for the event?
Yes, we ask you to complete the form below and send it back by return.

  • On which platform the event will be organized?
Everything will be on YouTube, Microsoft Teams and Miro.

  • What technical preparation do I need to make before the final?
You should download Microsoft Teams - it is possible on this website. Also we recommend you to prepare headphones with microphone to provide good sound during your performance.

  • Do I need do register in Microsoft Teams?
No, we have already sent you your personal login and password to enter the program.

  • I don't know how to work with Microsoft Teams. What should I do?
We've prepared a special guide for you, we'll send it in chat. Also we plan to hold a general brief with you to solve any technical problems.

  • Do I need to get together with my team in one place?
No, your safety is our highest priority. You are each asked to log in from your individual location and we will provide you with the infrastructure to collaborate as a team throughout the event as needed.

  • What should I use the common chat for?
We have set this up to enable easy and quick contact with us. You can use it for any questions or request for information you may have. Also, should you experience any technical problems during the event it acts a secondary back up to enable you to reach us quickly. Do not hesitate to do it in case of any problems.

  • Who should I write if something doesn't work?
There are several options. The best way is to write in chat. But if you have something urgent you may call WhatsApp on number +7 (903) 613-80-30.

  • Should I prepare any food for the event?
We will provide regular breaks throughout the event but we suggest you to prepare something for yourself ahead of time, for you to feel comfortable and not under time pressure during the event. But also we've thought of this and the P&G team has prepared a little surprise for you - do not forget to tell us about food delivery service in your area when you will fill our organizational form.

  • Is there any other preparation I need to do for the event?
No, other than ensuring you are comfortable and well set up, in a quiet area of your home, with your computer, power cable and refreshments close at hand.
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